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It is always disappointing when despite all efforts your debtor still fails to settle their outstanding balance.  So, what next?

You are legally allowed to claim ‘reasonable costs’ associated with recovering a late payment, so you can add our fees to the balance owed.

The Courts state that you should try to settle the dispute before you start a claim.  As you have deployed XFS| Solo across your accounts due, you will have adequate evidence to satisfy the Courts that you have taken the required steps to agree a settlement with your customer.

By deploying XFS| Solo, the Courts will be satisfied that you have given the debtor every opportunity to pay the outstanding balance including notifying them of the pre-legal consequences of continued non-payment.

Please follow the links below to start your litigation claim.

If your debtor is based/domiciled in Scotland.

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If your debtor is based/domiciled in England, Wales or Northern Ireland

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XFSLIMITED is certified to ISO:9001 standard.

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