From 1 debt to 50 debts.

Fully Automated,

Cost Effective Debt Collection

XFS| Solo - placing you in control

Using our technology XFS| Solo gives you the opportunity to take advantage of collections strategies deployed by the larger organisations.

You are legally allowed to claim ‘reasonable costs’ associated with recovering a late payment, so you can add our fees to the balance owed allowing you to use XFS| Solo at no additional cost to your business.

Solo Packages for accounts due will increase your Cashflow whilst staying compliant and maintaining valuable customer relationships. Our packages include strategies which allow you to decide when to start, stop, or suspend collections activity. 

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£25.00 + VAT

Digital Only

Full Reporting of Actions Carried Out


£52.00 + VAT


Plus Inbound Calls

Full Reporting of Actions Carried Out


£35.00 + VAT

Digital Only plus Hard Letter

Full Reporting of Actions Carried Out


£90.00 + VAT

Digital, Hard Letter

Inbound and Outbound Calls

Full Reporting of Actions Carried Out


XFS| Solo can provide an additional support package tailored to your business needs.  Packages can be made up of one or more of the following services.  Please contact us to discuss your bespoke needs.




MI and Reporting

Telephony Inbound

Telephony Inbound/Outbound

Manage Your Calls

Processing Payment


For high volume, regular placements.

Commission Based

Debt Collection

XFS| Contingent re-connecting your customer with you

XFS| Contingent  is a fresh approach to traditional commission-based debt collection.

Our debt collection techniques are driven by our knowledge and experience in the industry, underpinned by our good, moral and ethical standards, and processes.

XFS| Contingent  processes are tailored to suit our clients’ needs, their industry sector and style of their debtors.

We understand the desire to redeem or maintain the relationship with the customer. 

It is a proven psychological pattern that if your customer engages with you, then you have built the bridge to a stronger communication and a more successful outcome for all concerned.

XFS| Contingent  further applies the same methodology to consumer debt.

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Cashflow Management,

Credit Control & Consultancy

XFS| Flow – improving the liquidity of your business

Positive Cashflow derives from many facets and components of your business working efficiently. 

Having a healthy debtors ledger does not represent a healthy bank account.

If you do not recognise the quality of your debtors and collect the cash resourcefully, your business is less profitable and may find itself starved of the oxygen that keeps it alive – YOUR CASH!

XFS| Flow sets out to provide Positive Cashflow by Consultancy, Managed Credit Control and improved collection techniques.


We will spend time with your business to review and recommend the changes that need to be made to improve your processes and build a better financial future for your business.

During the consultancy we will develop your action plan to assist you through the process of implementation.  Where required, we can train your staff for improved returns.

Your staff will then be able to improve the quality of customer payments and Flow the late payers to XFS| Contingent.

Credit Control

We can assume full control of your Debtor Ledger or manage it via your staff for a continuous period (Fixed Term Contract) and Flow your arrears accounts to XFS| Contingent .

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)


XFS| Outsource re-connecting your customer with you

This service is our Business Process Outsource offering.

XFS| Outsource will act as an extension to your business with either XFSLIMITED or ‘white-label’ branded communications.

XFS| Outsource  will provide a bespoke package covering the following activities:

- Inbound Call Handling

- Outbound Dialler Campaigns

- Written Communication Campaigns

- Fully Manage your Ledger

- Process Payments on your behalf

XFS| Outsource - Click Here


Process Writing,

Leadership Development & More

XFS| Grow  Goal  Reality Opportunity Way Forward

XFS| Grow will deliver:

- Business Consultancy

- Operating Rhythm

- Process Writing

- ISO:9001 Health Check

- Leadership Development

- Senior Management Mentoring

To take advantage of the benefits of working with XFS| Grow click the button below.

Court Services

It is always disappointing when despite all efforts your debtor still fails to settle their outstanding balance.  So, what next? 


Click on your relevant region to take you to straight to claims.

You are legally allowed to claim ‘reasonable costs’ associated with recovering a late payment, so you can add our fees to the balance owed.

The Courts state that you should try to settle the dispute before you start a claim.  As you have deployed XFS| Solo across your accounts due, you will have adequate evidence to satisfy the Courts that you have taken the required steps to agree a settlement with your customer.

By deploying XFS| Solo, the Courts will be satisfied that you have given the debtor every opportunity to pay the outstanding balance including notifying them of the pre-legal consequences of continued non-payment.

Please follow the links below to start your litigation claim.

If your debtor is based/domiciled in Scotland.

Picture 1.png

If your debtor is based/domiciled in England, Wales or Northern Ireland

Picture 2.png