Xcel Financial Solutions Announce ISO 9001:2015

Lauren Cartwright, XFS Limited’s Compliance Officer with Titan.


Glasgow United Kingdom 04 August 2020 --- Glasgow based XFS Limited, a leading provider of Cashflow Management, Credit Control and Debt Recovery, today announced that they have achieved ISO 9001:2015, the internationally recognised standard of quality.

When it comes to management of your debtors ledger, it is vital that you can trust in those you consult with and take advice from.

ISO 9001:2015 is a certification which specifies a set of requirements guiding companies to develop and maintain a quality management system, with the objective of improving customer satisfaction, seeking continuous improvement, ensuring competitiveness, and maintaining regular quality.

Lauren Cartwright, XFS Limited’s Compliance Officer, an accomplished equestrian, has likened the achievement of the 9001:2015 standard to her dressage training.

“Dressage is an advanced form of riding and training that tests the accuracy of horse and rider. It is all about learning to work with your horse to help him enhance his movements, together with the physical ability and responsiveness it ultimately improves his overall performance. Dressage training creates a horse that is more supple, calm, flexible, focused, and compliant.

With XFS Limited being accredited to ISO 9001:2015 standard, our partners and clients know that they are dealing with an organisation that is committed to continuous improvement. Our ISO training has helped us develop a supple, calm, flexible, focused, and compliant business.”

About XFS Limited

XFS Limited is a leading provider of Cashflow Management, Credit Control and Debt Recovery services which help clients improve their overall cashflow management and reduce their arrears which leads to greater efficiencies. The company adopts a moral and ethical approach.



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