How is your business coping during Covid-19?

Our government has been presented with an immense challenge that is out with their control. Few anticipated the severity of the situation which we are now in the midst of, and the lives, and livelihoods of many have fallen into disrepair in a matter of months.

As a result of this there has been need for continuous support in a number of different areas of life; one of which, is a problem which has been festering for a long while prior to the Covid-19 pandemic - late payments to small businesses.

Before the pandemic, the UK was traversing a heated political environment in many areas across the board. It was merely six months ago, December 2019, that a general election was held - an election which both sides felt very strongly about.

There had barely been a cool-off period for things to settle in, when the initial hushed reports of Covid-19 situation emerged. It became crystal clear very quickly that partisan issues must be put aside to find our way out of this for the greater good.

At the top of every industry across the country, there have been people pulling strings and trying to sort out a plan which can hold out in the foreseeable future. The Prime Minister stood in front of the UK, commended and congratulated those who made NHS Nightingale operations possible, along with the HMRC’s plan for the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme.

The Prime Minister pointed out that these were ‘[immediate] and efficient’ solutions to dooming problems, yet this is far from over and we must continue to strategise carefully, however at a steep speed. The raw end of the deal goes to small businesses - neither at fault of themselves nor the government, only of the crisis we currently face.

Many owners, advisors, freelance workers/sole traders, and any other who hold the reigns of a business operation, are bewildered and unimaginably stressed in regards to the future. Some see no solution, and are considering closing up shop to cut their losses.

XFS Limited is evolving during this hellfire - an opportunity has been spotted to do some good, by individuals who have worked within business and finance for four decades.

Having victims of this crisis in our sights from the get-go, we will be providing business, financial, and cash flow consultancy and services - becoming a part of the solution which secures a future for small businesses.

We are utilising our abilities to develop a digital platform, to restore fluidity of payment to businesses, and which can be set into motion before the world re-opens.


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