Established in 2003, NTITY MANAGEMENT NETWORK is a pan Indian company providing various management services to the manufacturing and service sectors, with specific focus on product certification and inspection services.


Ntity Management Network was experiencing a challenge with their cash flow, 

as a direct result of slow paying customers.



- Cashflow

Collections / Recoveries


Following a full review of the cash flow, an improvement plan was documented, consisting of short, medium and long term improvement opportunities.  This allowed Ntity to clearly identify and gain perspective of their challenges, pinpointing the efficiency and cost reduction opportunities within the operation.


Coupled with the implementation of a robust credit control process with an outsourced collections and recovery strategy, Ntity improved their cash flow overall team performance and customer service levels, ultimately allowing them to achieve the objectives of the business.

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XFSLIMITED is certified to ISO:9001 standard.

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