The #giraffe is one of the tallest mammals on earth.

It can grow up to 6 meters in height. It has a keen sense of sight with effective eyes which are almost the size of a tennis ball.

This combination of height and powerful eyesight gives the giraffe an ability to see further than any other animal. The strategy of the giraffe is vision.

Now more than any other in most of our working lives, it is important for us to have a clear purpose, know where we are aiming for and ‘hold onto the vision’.

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Our CEO Working From Home!

I have news Mr McGeoch - We are returning to the Working From Office model on Monday which also means returning to business dress!

We are busy making adjustments ensuring our environment is safe, ready for our return to the office. The team can be confident that we take their safety seriously and have implemented several support measures including -

Full Health & Safety Risk Assessments

Contactless Thermal Screening Stations

Foot Operated Hand Sanitisation Stations

Face Masks

Return to Work process adapted for returning from Sickness/Holiday

Screened Off Workstations set up 2m apart

Workstation Sanitisation Kits

Additional Break-out Areas


Tel: 07771 981 981

Tel: 01505 703 223


XFSLIMITED is a Disability Confident employer.

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XFSLIMITED is certified to ISO:9001 standard.

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