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footPRINT Energy Assessments Ltd have been at the forefront of energy assessments within North Devon, North Cornwall and West Somerset since legislation first required EPC’s for domestic and commercial properties . A locally based business which has grown as new legislation has come into force, now offering a wide range of environmental building consultancy services.


When footPRINT Energy approached our Founding Director, Ken McGeoch, they were experiencing cash flow challenges holding back potential growth opportunities.



- Cash Flow

- Business Management


To address the issues, Ken (our Founding Director) seconded himself into the footPRINT Energy business. Together with footPRINTt's senior management team they jointly embarked on a Business Management and Cash Flow transformation project.

Ken was appointed Project Manger with full oversight of the end to end process, dedicated to the project's implementation.  A team leader was appointed to ensure the adoption, training and communication throughout the project remained effective, whilst managing the day to day tasks to keep the project on time and within budget.

A roadmap was developed to ensure the stakeholders had sight of the project goals, showing when value was being realised.

The roadmap consisted of a change management strategy, underpinning the overall purpose of the project.

The overall improvement project delivered - 

- Set targets in line with business objectives 

- Mapped out existing and proposed enhancements to processes and procedures

- Provided documented working procedures

- Developed the team through hands-on support, introduced new ways of working

- Improved communication across the business

- Improved controls and audit processes

- Improved efficiency and ability across the business

- Developed the systems and reports to provide an automated and clear daily prioritisation of cash flow activities

- Gave visibility of the accounts receivable position through new MI, implemented KPIs & recovery targets

- Gave visibility of which debts were in scope and out of scope for collection

- Implemented new best practice and flexible collection strategies in line with customer profiles

- Developed the debt collection team members to focus on cash flow and debt recovery performance