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In 2002, following the extensive growth and subsequent sale of the UK’s largest debt collection and recoveries companies, our founder Ken McGeoch formed Xcelgroup.

Xcelgroup was initially created to provide Cash Flow Management and Early Arrears Recovery Services but went on to expand into Tracing, Investigations, Repossessions, and facilitating regulated financial services, including Mortgages, Insurance, and Wealth Management.

Ken then recognised there was an opportunity to challenge the shape of debt collection via good, moral and ethical standards, and processes and has expanded further with our subsidiary company XFSLIMITED.


XFSLIMITEDbenefits from a leadership team who have held senior roles within financial services and debt collection firms since 1985.  Between them they share an unprecedented level of knowledge, skill and experience within Finance, Operations, Compliance, Health and Safety, and Security whilst holding FCA personal approvals to oversee controlled functions.

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XFSLIMITED is a Disability Confident employer, and is certified to ISO:9001 standard.


Cash Flow and Debt Collection

Cash is the lifeblood for us all and without it we cannot survive. Late payment from customers and ineffective cash management results in Cash Flow issues. 


Issues with Cash Flow seriously endangers the capacity of us all to continue to operate effectively, leading to a lack of accessible cash, impacting the ability to pay suppliers and employees, and ultimately stunting growth.

To address this issue, XFSLIMITEDhas launched a series of packages aimed at helping everyone improve Cash Flow and stay in business, from the SME through to larger third sector organisations.


From 1 debt to 50 debts. Fully Automated, Cost Effective Debt Collection (Perfect for the SME)


For high volume, regular placements. Commission Based Debt Collection


Cashflow Management, Credit Control & Consultancy


Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)


Process Writing, Leadership Development & More

Meet the Team


Chief Executive Officer

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Chief Operating Officer

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Administration Process & Compliance Officer

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What Are Others Saying?


Mario Zuccaro

Mario Zuccaro

Oysta Technology

"Ken, it's so nice when someone says they are going to do something and do it.
Refreshing, and I am so pleased that people like you still exist in the world.
Honour is so important, but few are honourable. Thanks Ken."


Rasik Kotecha

Rasik Kotecha

Call Care Limited,  Secure Holidays Limited,  

Secure Safe Limited, Sugarwise, Philips Telecom

"I was looking to improve business processes and turned to Ken for consultation.

Following Ken’s review and report of our processes and services, it was decided that we would move our out of hours call handling for maintenance and facilities management from Lancashire to his operation in Dunoon.

Ken lead his team personally and was fully involved with the strategy, architecture and planning of the project, which incidentally was delivered on time and within budget.

Firstly, an advanced technical solution had to be written for the Dunoon Centre.  Therefore, during the transition period the project was run from our call centre in Lancashire as an insource contract for a short period of time, before integrating fully with the Dunoon Centre.

The overall result was that within three months from our initial contact, Ken’s team in Dunoon were handling all of our out of hours calls and booking in engineers to carry out emergency maintenance for our high profile clients such as Heathrow Airports, Marks & Spencer, Johnson Controls and PIP Lifts.

I would not hesitate to recommend Ken and his team at XFS for Consultation Services and Business Process Outsourcing."


Ludo Roy

Ludovic (Ludo) Roy

Primal Health Coach Institute, Owner of Ludo’s Primal Wellness and Former French International Professional Footballer

"After leaving professional football I was looking to bring my own brand of primal wellness and physiotherapy services to the general public.

After knowing Ken for my entire football career, I asked him to mentor my transition from professional footballer to business owner.

Following his mentoring, it was a natural progression to engage with him and his team at Xcel Financial Services for advice and support to launch my brand.

I trusted that Ken would deliver a speedy, efficient and professional product but was not fully prepared for how quick things would progress.

Whilst I was left to concentrate on building my brand and sourcing my own products, Ken and his team at Xcel took care of the boring business stuff, taking all the responsibility and stress out of the process.

Within one month I had a business within fully renovated bespoke premises, a website and clients."



David Baird

David Baird

DWB Financial Services

"I have known Kenneth McGeoch of XFSLIMITED. for many years now, in a business relationship.


XFSLIMITED assisted with the setup of DWB Financial Services in 2010.  

It gave me the push that I needed, focused my mind and organisational skills to get everything in place, in a timely fashion.

I could not have achieved this myself - Thanks XFS.

As a business professional, Kenneth has always shown true integrity and honesty combined with a strong work ethic, also showing drive and initiative when achieving his goals, both personally and on behalf of his business clients. 

Kenneth possesses good social skills, is outwardly friendly, easy to work with, and a good communicator when showing his willingness to help and advise his business clients as much as possible. 

For these reasons, I would have no hesitation in recommending the services of XFSLIMITED. unequivocally."



Peter White

Peter White

Rentpoint Consulting

"Margo trained, supervised, and managed a specialist team of up to 70 staff looking after LETsure's outsource contract to assess potential tenants for lettings and rent guarantee.


Margo successfully managed business, telecoms, Equifax, premises and staff growth (from 5 novices to 70 well trained staff in 3 years) enabling LETsure to become the undoubted leader in its marketplace assessing C330,000 clients per annum.


She helped create a thriving industry."